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New Construction

Nassau Pools Construction, Inc. has been building residential and commercial projects for over 50 years. We work directly with customers or in tandem with builders. This allows customers to have the freedom to build a pool during or after home construction. Whether you just bought an existing home and want to add a fresh face lift to your backyard, or you are starting from scratch, Nassau Pools Construction has you covered.

New construction options can include features such as sun shelves, slides, koi ponds, negative edges, 360° spas and any kind of design you can imagine. Check out our Options tab to learn more.


In addition to new construction, we offer pool renovations, which can be more complicated than new construction. It is very important when making modifications, such as adding a spa to an existing pool, that it is permitted by a licensed and insured professional builder. Nassau Pools Construction, Inc. teams up with engineers to design these additions to ensure the structural integrity of the pool shell is not compromised. Without this vital step, renovations can be improperly performed which is why choosing the right contractor is critical. Let us meet with you to discuss transforming your old pool into a new masterpiece.

Service and Repair

We offer service and repair for all major equipment manufacturers. We also serve as a warranty station for several of these companies. Our service department is also equipped with a team to repair or replace tile & coping. Whether your old heater is on the fritz or your pump and filter are malfunctioning, Nassau Pools Construction has the ability to repair, replace or upgrade any of your equipment.  Upgrades include converting existing pool system to a salt system or the latest automation which allows you to control your pool equipment from anywhere in the world.